There may be times when you need emergency contraception. Examples of this include:

  • You’ve had unprotected sex
  • Your contraception has failed e.g. the condom has split during intercourse
  • You’ve missed your pill or been late getting your injection
  • You’ve had sickness or diarrhoea  

To reduce the risk of pregnancy, it’s important to ensure that you take some form of emergency contraception as soon as possible. You can talk to us about the options available at one of our clinics.

The oral tablet or morning after pill

You can get this at any of our drop in clinics, from your GP and from some pharmacies in Sunderland.

Intra-uterine device or coil

You have to have this inserted by a health professional. You can discuss the coil at one of our clinics and arrange for a follow up appointment to have it fitted.

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